There are many benefits to outsourcing to Physicians Office Resource

What's New:

February 01, 2014

Physicians Office Resource is currently accepting new providers!

PMOR has opened an Ocala location and has the capability to support select local providers. Call us to set up an appointment to discuss what we can do for you.


July 22, 2015


ICD-10 coding will be mandatory as of 10-1-15. The President recently signed into law bill HR 4302 (also known as the Protecting Access to Medicare Act of 2014), officially delaying the ICD-10 transition until October of 2015. 

While you may now be breathing a sigh of relief, we encourage you to continue your ICD-10 preparations so that your team is fully ready and to reduce the impact this complex transition may have on your organization.

Here at Physicians Office Resource have undergone the necessary training and our software upgrades that are required by this transition are in place and we are working with our providers on the transition to ICD-10. We would be happy to help you with yours.  Please call to find out just how useful a partner we can be for your practice.

Having untrained staff attempting to learn the new system AND effectively keep your billing/cash flow cycles current can be financial disaster for any practice.  We can handle your billing needs remotely...right out of your software!  We are already successfully serving several clients in just this capacity!    




Physicians Office Resource, Inc serves as an extension of your practice to let your staff focus on patients and other administrative tasks. We provide accurate, reliable, and courteous services, which can be customized to fit the needs of YOUR practice. We at POR, Inc offer electronic claims filing and electronic remittance of Medicare and private insurance payments. This process aids us in efficient turnaround of reimbursement, reduced error and fewer rejected claims. The result is a decrease in Physician’s administrative expenses and increase in cash flow.

Here is how we do it to get great results:

  • Individual Account Representatives

Every practice has their own account representatives. This gives your staff the security and comfort of dealing with the same representatives who are uniquely familiar with your practice. 

  • Online Scheduling

We realize that there are front office expenses and we want to reduce those costs. We can help by offering you our Online Scheduling System. If your office uses a standard PC and has access to the Internet, you can have the entire package as part of our billing service from multiple office locations, your home … virtually anywhere – your data is accessible, yet secure at the highest level of encryption possible.

  • Aggressive Claims Follow-up

POR's staff are specialists in claims follow-up. Their tasks focus on calling carriers and patients to deal with outstanding balances, turning your receivables into deposits.

  • Electronic Claims Submissions

All of our Medicare, Medicaid, and most major insurer's claims are processed and submitted electronically. Once we receive your reports from the payers, our EDI representative checks for errors, make necessary corrections and resubmit any unpaid claims, and file claims with secondary insurers. A list of these carriers can be provided at your request. We do this for two main reasons: Firstly, is to improve the cash flow of your practice, because electronic claims are processed faster. Secondly, because electronic claims have fewer errors, physicians will experience fewer rejected claim. From date of service to deposit, it is not uncommon that our providers are paid in under 3 weeks!

Additional Benefits

  • Handling all billing inquiries and communications from patients and insurance companies, including Medicare and Medicaid.
  • Reconciliation of suspended and denied claims.
  • Billing of contractual differences or varying rates when desired.
  • Decreasing claims processing time.
  • More accurate billing leading to faster payments and increased revenues.
  • Freeing you from burdensome supervisory and administrative tasks.
  • Allowing your practice to grow without concern about capacity plateaus requiring disruptive changeovers to larger systems.
  • Confidentiality of all records and information with HIPAA compliance.