About Us

Physicians Office Resource was founded with two things in mind: Keeping your practice profitable, and minimizing the amount of time YOU spend dealing with tedious clerical and administrative tasks.

What's New:

February 01, 2014

Physicians Office Resource is currently accepting new providers!

PMOR has opened an Ocala location and has the capability to support select local providers. Call us to set up an appointment to discuss what we can do for you.


July 22, 2015


ICD-10 coding will be mandatory as of 10-1-15. The President recently signed into law bill HR 4302 (also known as the Protecting Access to Medicare Act of 2014), officially delaying the ICD-10 transition until October of 2015. 

While you may now be breathing a sigh of relief, we encourage you to continue your ICD-10 preparations so that your team is fully ready and to reduce the impact this complex transition may have on your organization.

Here at Physicians Office Resource have undergone the necessary training and our software upgrades that are required by this transition are in place and we are working with our providers on the transition to ICD-10. We would be happy to help you with yours.  Please call to find out just how useful a partner we can be for your practice.

Having untrained staff attempting to learn the new system AND effectively keep your billing/cash flow cycles current can be financial disaster for any practice.  We can handle your billing needs remotely...right out of your software!  We are already successfully serving several clients in just this capacity!    


About Us

In the Beginning:

We started as a Billing/Transcription service with one client.  As our reputation for giving quality service grew, so did our company and staffing. 

The Growing Years:

After just one year of operation our company’s reputation grew, and so did our client list.

Where we're going:

In an age when government is shaping the future of the medical services industry, Physicians Office Resource has focused on personalized customer service, and maintaining a high reimbursement rate for our clients. The current trend for many medical offices is to reduce their office staff and dependence on independent billing companies in favor of complex EMR programs with a built in billing component.  What many of them are finding is that these software platforms do not have the ability to navigate the complex process of sending clean, well-coded claims, and turning denials into paid claims.  Despite the claims of convincing salesmen, many of these health care providers have seen their incomes decrease and their percentage of paid claims go down.

Electronic medical records is not the only new legislation being instituted by our government.  There are many more changes coming, including ICD-10 and changes to Medicare rules and reimbursement.  Another problem is the high rate of uninsured and underinsured patients in today’s failing economy, and the changes brought about by the Affordable Care Act.  We can help you make a plan for all of these contingencies, thereby helping you maintain a healthy bottom line.


Management Team Bio:


James Small (President): 

Jim has a Master’s Degree in Public Administration, and has 20 years of experience in Personnel Management.  Jim is a CMRS (Certified Medical Reimbursement Specialist) and handles our corporate administration as well as practice analysis for our billing providers.


Martha Small (Vice President): 

Martha has worked in the medical field since 1981, and knew that there was a growing need in the modern medical office for reliable, dependable, and knowledgeable billing help.  Martha’s expertise lies in quality control, making sure that the final product (your billing) is correctly coded and formatted, ready for processing by the insurance carriers.  This expertise assures our providers of speedy reimbursement. 


Pete Gaugenbaugh (Reimbursement Specialist): 

Pete has worked with the company since 2008, initially as a technology consultant. In addition to managing our IT and communications infrastructure, his current role is reimbursement specialist with an emphasis on unpaid claims follow up, which is essential to our achievement of excellent results for our billing providers.


Additional experienced staff work with us to assure that we have the flexibility necessary to ensure that every client’s needs are satisfied.